Sunday, September 13, 2009

In Need of My NJB

I' m single, have been for over a year now, which is shocking to many, considering I'm a serial monogamist. I like relationships. To phrase this properly, I like relationships with the wrong men, goyem, or non-jewish men. Men of the Catholic faith have been my 'chosen ones,' and since they've led me wrong, I've decided to stick to the advice of my parents and meet a man of my own faith, an NJB, A.K.A. a Nice Jewish Boy.
Where shall southern belle like myself find such a man in a world of deceiving bachelors, 'why online of course,' more specifically, is the most popular Jewish website for girls and gals of all ages, sizes, and shapes to find that NJB or NJG. What began in 1997 as the brainchild of Spark Network, the now ‘leading provider of online personals in the United States and internationally’ has grown to over 650,000 people worldwide. That’s a lot of Jews looking for love.
And so, this summer I signed up for a third try. The first go around I paid, but this time, I've become smarter, convincing my father to fit the bill. He's willing if it makes his 'shana punim(pretty face) happy, and he gets a son -in-law. We shall see if his dreams of one day being able to awkwardly hug my NJB transpire. We are all waiting.

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